About Us

Rochel Family Day Care is a facility for modern parents desiring a unique educational daycare experience for their infants, toddlers and preschoolers in a clean, safe and stimulating home environment.

Pantea Rochel has a BA degree in child development, from Cal State University Northridge. She has had the daycare for the past 11 years and prior to the daycare, she was a preschool teacher for the city of Beverly Hills for 9 years. The curriculum is founded on hands on playing, art, and educational principles, opening children’s eyes early on about the world and humanity.

At Rochel Family Daycare, we understand the needs and concerns of contemporary families wanting only the best in early childcare. We also appreciate how difficult leaving your child with someone new can be. That is why we offer a tour of the daycare with or without your little one. On your first day, you may stay with your child for a little bit so they feel more comfortable. We are so confident your child will be thrilled with our exciting, diverse program we invite you to see for yourself.

We offer a full time program for infants through preschoolers. Our hours of operation are 8 am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. Please feel free to contact us to schedule a tour. Also, at the facility, Pantea Rochel has other experienced staff who assist. 


We offer a warm, safe, loving, fun, nurturing, and educational environment that gives children the confidence to explore.  We have an indoor play area and a big  outdoor play ground.  Hot and nutritious  meals and snacks are provided! We also provide potty training and have referrals to speech therapist as needed.

General Schedule

 When the children first arrive, we give nutritious breakfast.

 We sit in a circle and sing a welcome song so all of the kids can learn one another's names, numbers, shapes, calendar, and much more.

 The children will then have free play of their choice either indoors or outdoors. The children also get offered a fruit snack around 10:00.

 Lunch is served around 11-11:30AM daily. We offer a variety of different hot and nutritious meals.

 After lunch and story time, we offer nap time for those children who are tired. The rest play with puzzles in the other room.

 After nap, we offer a second snack and art activities.

 Then the children get picked up!


"My daughter Zoe, is almost 2 years old. I started bringing her to the daycare when she was 14 months old. Since the first day she arrived, she instantly was happy being there. Pantea and Jila, who run the daycare are so sweet and are wonderful with my daughter. They treat us like family! They welcomed us with open arms. All of the other children also instantly became friends with my daughter. I am greatly thankful for the work that they do!" -- Mikaela U, Los Angeles

"Like most parents, my husband and I were anxious when we began the search to find daycare for our son.  We looked at many, many places…and then one day we found the Rochel Family Daycare.  We knew immediately that this was the right environment for our son.  We ended up loving it there so much that, not only did my son attend every day for 3 years, but we later also sent my daughter there for 3 years!  The home provides the perfect environment for children to play, learn and grow!  And…the family members that run the daycare are some of the most patient, loving, and kind people that you could ever hope to entrust with your children.  We do not have enough nice things to say about the Rochel family daycare.  If you are looking for the right people and environment to nurture, teach, and care for your children"  --Andrea (mother of 2)